Corporate Offer

Initiate the Ivy Consultants Academy at your company!

Do you want to implement a modern CSR initiative in your company that includes one on one support and help your employees’ children fulfil their dreams of studying at the best universities in the USA and the UK?

The Ivy Consultants Academy is the first educational consulting programme for employees’ children who dream about studying abroad.

Your company together with the Ivy Consultants Ltd. will help in preparing employees’ children for studies at the best universities abroad.

Each mentee receives a comprehensive evaluation and a plan that takes into account their short- and longterm goals along previous school and professional achievements, thus creating a unique profile.

Our experts then advise mentees and their families about potential schools and paths of further development.

How do we do it? Who can benefit?

The participants of the Ivy Consultants Academy are employees’ children aged between 15 and 19 years old, who are passionate about their subjects, have good command of English, and who dream about studying at the best universities in the world.

We are responsible for the implementation of every step of Ivy Consultants Academy at your company. This includes organizing information meetings, selecting the brightest prospects, and preparing the Academy's schedule.

What we deal with

  • Preparing terms and conditions of the Academy
  • Conducting informative meetings in your company with parents and their children
  • Coordinating the candidates’ selection process
  • Selecting a group of participants with the biggest learning potential
  • Preparing the selection criteria
  • Preparing Academy’s schedule
  • Selecting a judging panel composed of graduates and students from the best universities in the world

What do our mentees gain?

  • educational and professional path tailored to individual needs
  • support in developing one’s talents
  • One on one classes and online consultations with graduates of prestigious universities around the world
  • complex support throughout the entire application process for universities in the US and the UK
  • One on one online lessons preparing for entrance examinations
  • guidance, help and motivation in writing essays
  • preparation for interviews

What are the benefits for your company?

  • a modern form of CSR and forging relationships with employees
  • improvement of the company’s brand and participation in an innovative project
  • the possibility of using the programme in internal and external communication of the company
  • training of potential future employees

What do the children of your employees gain?

  • fulfilling dreams about studying at the best world universities, such as Oxford or Harvard
  • an opportunity for an exceptional education and possibility for developing one’s talents
  • help and support from experienced tutors
  • inspirational meetings with graduates of the best universities in the world who have achieved professional success

Additional opportunities

  • organising a week long college tour to the best universities in the UK or the USA, for selected candidates of the Ivy Consultants Academy
  • an assistance in selection and application for master’s degree programs in the UK and USA (MBA, MSc, MA) for the managerial staff
  • an assistance in selection and application for Executive Education studies for the managerial staff
  • support in establishing contacts with academic staff from the UK and the USA, and support help in setting up a scholarship fund